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DiversiTeach is a local, grassroots organization located in Southern Utah. We are committed to creating meaningful, hands-on educational experiences for youth of all ages. Our programs, events, and workshops celebrate diversity, promote sustainability, and foster community. We believe that the best way to do this is through collaboration with individuals and organizations in our community. We work with local partners who share our goals of embracing the arts, spreading love and acceptance of our differences, and teaching reverence for our earth.

Founded by a Montessori-credentialed and state-certified teacher with nearly two decades of experience working with both youth and adults within a variety of educational settings, DiversiTeach’s goal is to bring diversity and sustainability-themed educational programs that focus on learning through the co-creation of art at low or no cost to members of our community.


Since early 2019, we have been working in partnership with The Downtown Farmers Market, running a free weekly youth program at their Ancestor Square location. Just recently, The Modern Farmers and Artisans Co-operative (MoFACo) was founded as the nonprofit umbrella organization for The Downtown Farmers Market and now runs the new indoor West Village Farmers Market as well. Essentially, DiversiTeach functions as the education and community outreach branch of MoFACo.

Some of our other community partners include:
● Dixie State University’s STEM Outreach
● The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site
● The Bicycle Collective
● Desert Nomads Bellydancing Collective
● Local Musician Amanda Barrick
● Local Artist Carol Bold
● Pride of Southern Utah
● Dixie LGBTQ Teen Alliance


Jaclyn Pace PortraitJaclyn Pace, DiversiTeach’s founder and director, grew up just outside of New York City and moved to rural Pennsylvania when she was 10 years old. Growing up surrounded by diversity, cultural competency seemed to come quite naturally to her, though she is always learning how to be a better ally. In her teens, she spent a year living in Sydney, Australia as a foreign exchange student, which opened her eyes even further to just how big, beautiful, and diverse the world really is.

After high school she lived in Philadelphia while attending Penn State, and then took a break from college and spent some time in the South doing activism work. She returned to New York City in the early 2000’s and earned her BA in Education Studies from Eugene Lang College of The New School University. After living in San Francisco for a year, she relocated to Arizona to be near her family and became K-8 certified while simultaneously earning her American Montessori Society credential through The Center for Montessori Teacher Education (CMTE).

After a number of years as a classroom teacher, Jaclyn decided to pursue an MA in Sustainable Communities, where she focused on social justice education. She earned her MA from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where she researched the use of learning communities as a way to help pre-service teachers build socially just pedagogies and teaching practices. After graduate school, Jaclyn returned to teaching in Phoenix before deciding to relocate once again to Southern Utah to raise her son amongst the unparalleled natural splendor in the area. She has planted roots here with her family and plans to continue doing this vital diversity and sustainability work to help strengthen her community.


Fundamentally, we aim to help our community embrace diversity and sustainability as cornerstones for a prosperous environment which allows for us all to thrive. Ultimately, we aim to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of our own so we can secure grants and large-scale tax-deductible donations to fund our programs. We plan to continue our collaboration with MoFACo in perpetuity, and also hope to expand our programs to other locations (libraries, schools, and other public places) throughout Southern Utah in order to further our reach and give more people access to our programs for free or very low cost. We are working on developing an after-school program as well as diversity and
sustainability trainings for teachers, parents, and others who work with youth.


Diversity centers around the understanding that each individual is unique. DiversiTEACH aims to help people recognize and celebrate our individual differences along multiple dimensions, including: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and other facets that shape and influence individual experience. Each individual has a different experience and perspective. By recognizing and celebrating these experiences and perspectives, we create opportunities for personal and societal growth and innovation that benefit us all.


Sustainability is multifaceted and includes social, environmental, and economic factors. It is about meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We must work together to support one another and our environment in order to survive--and more importantly, to thrive--as a community. By promoting cultural understanding and acceptance using natural, recyclable, and upcyclable materials, DiversiTEACH embodies the three facets of sustainability.


Community is about relationships. When every member of a community is given the same opportunities to reach their full potential, our entire society benefits. Healthy communities are comprised of people who act intentionally to support and collaborate with one another. Collaboration is key to a vibrant community, which is why DiversiTEACH aims to work with individuals, businesses, and organizations in our own community who embody similar goals of celebrating diversity, promoting sustainability, and fostering community.


The themes of both diversity and sustainability are the cornerstones of our events. We are committed to relying predominantly on recyclable and repurposed materials and teaching about the cultural and historical significance of the artforms we engage with. Just a few of our recent events include:
● Recycled Paper Origami in collaboration with St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site
● Pizza Box Solar Ovens with DSU STEM Outreach
● Upcycled Bike Parts Jewelry with The Bicycle Collective
● Upcycled Cloth Pride Banners with Pride of Southern Utah and Dixie LGBTQ
Teen Alliance
● Upcycled Dream Catchers for Indigenous Peoples Day
● Recycled Art Prints with Local Artist Carol Bold
● Natural Plant Dyes with Local Artist Meg Bessa of Circle Moon


Like, follow, share, and comment on our social media posts to help us build our online following and get the word out about our events. Find us online at and

Attend our events and donate funds (if you are able to) when you participate. We ask for a $2 donation per person to help cover the cost of supplies, advertising, and staffing for our events.

Donate funds via Venmo. If each of our followers on social media donated $5 a month (or $50 a year), we would have enough funds to run our programs at both the West Village and Downtown Farmers Markets.

Donate art supplies (we always need glue, paint, yarn, and beads) and recyclable or repurposable materials (tin cans, yogurt containers, toilet paper rolls) for use during our activities. Become a Patron. By pledging as little as $5/month on Patreon, you will get access to new diversity and sustainability themed lesson plans each month. Visit our site at

Volunteer to help out at our events or help prep for them beforehand. Our founder and director often preps and runs our events solo and would love your help! Send us an email or give us a call if you'd like to volunteer (435-200-3260).

Join our mailing list to keep up to date on our current events and needs. Send us an email at and let us know you would like to be added.


DiversiTeach is currently seeking funding to continue its programming at the newly-opened West Village Market. We have estimated a need of $7,500 (or $200 per week) to run four, three-hour-long activities each month. This cost includes art supplies and educational materials, print and digital marketing, curriculum-writing, and staffing for the weekly activities.

While we would prefer a lump-sum donation to come from one source for simplicity’s sake, we are open to payment plans and monthly and/or quarterly sponsorships. Please see the MoFACo Sponsorship Packet for further information on the details of sponsorship as well as the perks included.