Welcome to the Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op Podcast! This podcast was created as a resource for inspiration and education. Our mission is to connect  you to the lives and stories of our local farmers, makers, and educators that all are dedicating themselves to positively and powerfully impact our southern Utah community. Through these stories we hope to connect you to food in an entirely new way, inspire you to possibly start producing your own food, step into a new creative path, and understand the importance of voting with your dollar and strengthening the local economy.

On March 17th we will be releasing our first five episodes, which will include:

  • Episode one: Kat Puzey, owner of the Downtown Farmers Market and West Village Farmers Market and founder of MoFACo
  • Episode two: Podcast co-host Anna Lytle, urban gardener and low waste living educator
  • Episode three: Robert and Jodi Bronner of Cherith Brook Farms in Enterprise, UT
  • Episode four: Jaclyn Pace, founder of DiversiTeach
  • Episode five: Meg Bessa, owner of Circle Moon

Countdown to Podcast Release!