Christie's Asian Kitchen 



Today we are talking with Christina and Randy Wang of Christie’s Asian Kitchen, the couple who creates the delicious asian dishes based in authentic techniques but infused with innovative flavors. This couple has a deep passion for creating GOOD food that leaves you dreaming about it days later. You can find at the farmers market and hopefully soon at their own semi permanent pop up location!

Here are some of the favorite quotes from the interview"

"Everything we consume is [part] of disconnected system, it is not real food or real experiences and then [this sytle of consumerism] causes people to become disconnected from themselves"

"Local is something you can trust. The people producing it have a vested interest in it so its also way you can invest in yourself"

"Its not about just eating more healthy or just supporting a local economy, its all about identity and the way we decide to live" 

  Resources mentioned in the episode:

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff