Modern Farm and Artisan Co-Op


We are so excited to announce our next project: We are opening a retail Co-op space!

The co-op will be established to run as an everyday indoor farmers' market. The co-op will offer retail display space to local artisans, makers, farmers, and bakers charging only rent. 100% of the profit goes back to our farmers, bakers, and artisans in a monthly payout system. This way, what you spend at MoFACo directly benefits our local economy and goes back into our community.

The spaces will be available month to month and in longer terms to accommodate every level of artist. This also keeps the store fresh and unpredictable. Every visit will hold something new and exciting!


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Location Information

Coming Soon


Location coming soon!

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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